At African American Graphic Design Co(AAGD), we believe in supporting educators, community organizers, non-profits, and any individuals, who wish to build a better design industry. One that honors our identities and celebrates Black designers. 

Just over five years ago, we launched this website to connect African-American designers who wanted to be found and longed to find others like them. At first, the goal was to act as a bridge among a like-minded creative community. But within three years, we established our LLC and began taking on clients.

Today, we’re focusing on narrowing our target audiences and uncovering the most talented and professional designers to take on the tsunami of work coming our way. We’re building capital. We’re investing in talent. We are a community of graphic designers, illustrators, artists and visual communicators who have banded together to elevate our voices and provide a larger system of support for Black creatives. At present, we’re connected to over 2500 Black designers through our community. 

On February 23, we are planning to host our first award show: BlackMade. At this event, we will be honoring designers and their work. Our first show will feature 5 awards given to recipients selected by AAGD Core Team members. This event will help us honor and celebrate members of our community and the creations born from their work. 

If your organization is interested in being one of our event sponsors, please reach out to us at *email* or select your sponsorship from below. Your support helps us reshape and redefine the design industry


$ 500
  • Ad space in event zine
  • Logo in event comms
  • List Item
10 Available


$ 1000
  • Perks from Baseline
  • Announced at event
  • Social media shoutout
5 Available


$ 2500
  • Perks from Stem
  • 3 Social media shoutouts
  • Sponsor promotion at event
2 Available


$ 5000
  • All Perks & Sole Sponsor
  • 5 Social media shoutouts
  • Branded virtual waiting room
1 Available